Ogres novadnieka karte Pavasaris 2016 puķes


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Today there are many possibilities for the local people to relax and find the entertainment they are looking for. During the recent years the cultural life has become more active and its role has increased due to the activities of Ogre Culture Centre which is a multi-functional cultural institution. Residents of all ages are welcomed to join various amateur art groups, which provide singing, dancing, acting, instrumental music, weaving, development of Latvian folk traditions, and many other pastimes.

Ogre Music School and Ogre Art School play important roles in the cultural life of the municipality and significantly contribute to the development of young talents. Children have their training after the lessons at school. The programme is realized in five years. During this period children acquire knowledge and improve skills in drawing, painting, composition, plastering, basics of the art language (folklore, history of art, etc.). They have to take one of the following courses offered: ceramics, china painting, textile work, silk painting, modeling of clothes, sowing, design, computer graphics, silk screening, photography, metal design and woodcarving. Ogre Music School offers the possibility to learn how to play the piano, the violin, the cello, the accordion, the guitar, the flute, the clarinet, the saxophone, the French horn, the tuba and the percussion instruments. Ogre Music School has been the initiator and host of international music camps for Latvian musicians while Art School regularly organizes various art exhibitions. The residents of Ogre look forward to these annual events, as they are festivals with variety of cultural programmes.
Detailed information about Ogre and Ogre municipality can be found at Ogre History and Art Museum. The museum was founded in 1981. Exhibits are displayed in two exhibition halls also used as premises for presentations of books and meetings with prominent people.





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